Sunday, July 28, 2013

In the Box!

Some things are more difficult than others to organize.

:: One Hot Mess ::

For me I've always struggled to keep my bras, socks and hanky panky's well organized in a way that they can easily stay like that. When I designed my closet I didn't want to have drawers because I wanted to see my clothes! But, I did want to have daily items easily accessible and organized of course. I found these great crates at The Container Store and I have to say I am in love with how they keep me organized while also allowing me to easily access everything.

:: All Together Now ::

:: The Light & Bright Ones ::

:: On the Shelves ::

:: All Tucked Away ::

Whatever the project may it's always important to keep an open mind about the organization process and how things ultimately come together. It took me a while to figure out what would work best for me. A lot of times it comes down to just trying something, rearranging it, moving it or thinking a little outside of the box :) Or in this case thinking and keeping it in the box!


Monday, July 8, 2013


Some Happy Things
:: The Beverly Hills Hotel :: My Latte :: Curling Up with Kindle ::

I love having little reminders of moments, trips, people, memories and favorite things throughout my surroundings. They are what make our home, our living spaces and my life uniquely ours, and they make me incredibly happy!

On a recent trip to Color Me Mine with my little cousins I happened upon an enormous coffee mug that I knew would accommodate my double latte vice. And so, I decided to fashion my cup after one of my favorite places, knowing that it would hold my one of my favorite beverages and that typically I would be enjoying said drink whilst doing one of my favorite things.  

 I am so in love with my cup!

Signature pink stripes and green accents :)

The inaugural filling!

My seat at this very moment, surrounded by some of my favorite things!