Friday, September 30, 2011


The entire fifth floor of Harvey Nick's is devoted entirely to food & beverages. Featuring a formal restaurant and bar, a sushi bar, a cafe, a market & several counter style restaurants, one can easily spend hours on this floor. 

The candy section within the food market that was especially adorable. Featuring a variety of yummy sweet treats, the packaging and presentation of candies added a lot of character to the market. 

The Candy Bar
The Candy Cart

Pick & Mix

Take away boxes for your pick & mix treats! 

Harvey Nichols

One of our favorite and frequent stops in London was Harvey Nichols. Often referred to as Harvey Nick's, this elegant store has been in business since the 1880's and is known for it's plethora of departments, all of which offer divine luxury goods. 

Harvey Nick's has a distinct style that is present in everything they do or present. We thoroughly enjoyed the many facets it has to offer. Stay tuned for more posts about Harvey Nick's! 

Shaken Not Stirred, Please!

When at home in the states finding a delectable cocktail is usually a simple and pleasurable task. My husband and uncle both fancy vodka on the rocks, although one prefers citron, as long as their glasses are full they tend to be happy campers. The drink itself is simple; a glass, a few cubes of ice, and a healthy helping of vodka. The concept of a full glass or what we in the states have grown accustomed to seems to have been lost on our British cousins.

Not to worry though, the boys quickly caught on and began to order double vodka martini's hold the vermouth, dry just for extra precaution, and shaken not stirred. Needless to say after several go's the boys were successfully able to fill their glasses!

A Pop of Color

On our second evening in London we went to the to see Les Misérables at the Queens Theatre and this chandelier caught my eye. It's simple design and changing colors complimented the space and added a wonderful pop of color!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion On the Go...

Today has been and still is a busy day. I began with meetings early this morning and I am taking a small break in between more meetings and running around. Nothing is worse than having a long day and being uncomfortable or even worse feeling downright frumpy. This morning I woke up and had to have myself showered and out the door in about 20 minutes.  This outfit is my cute and comfy solution to a long and arduous day.

This sweater dress was on of my Missoni Target finds, and I paired it with a simple white tank. 

 My Tory Burch jellies are a favorite for certain, I often call them my sunny shoes! Their bright color  makes any outfit pop and always puts a smile on my face. Paired with my dress they accent the blue and bring out the yellow nicely. 

When my sister and I had finished one of our years in college we purchased our Speedy's together as treat for ourselves. From that day forward this bag has been one of the staples of my collection. It's a great size and goes with nearly everything. It's also great for traveling as it folds nearly flat. My sister and I often flatten them and place them in larger purses so that when we arrive at our destination we have a smaller purse option. Not to mention that all things Louis are nearly indestructible. 

I have always liked larger watches, and wore them well before they were considered fashionable. This one is a favorite of mine as its classic appearance and clean face are easy to read. This watch is great as it effortlessly adds a little glam to any outfit. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bows, Ruffles, and Sparkles

I have always had somewhat of an obsession with bows, ruffles, and all things sparkly and lately it seems as though Valentino and Prada have been channeling my obsessions straight into their designs. 


I recently attended Nordstrom's evening with Valentino where they introduced their Fall collection and  this adorable bow key chain was given as the favor


When I saw this dress it was love at first sight. I don't think I have loved a dress nearly as much since I found my wedding dress. Its ruffles and delicate details literally make my heart swoon. I can't wait to wear it for the holiday's!

Bows & Ruffles

My little black dress was living alongside this amazing coat when I fell head over heels in love. Both of these pieces are part of Valentino's Red Collection which is nothing short of divine. This piece was modeled both as a dress and as a coat at the Valentino event and I can't wait to wear it both ways. Some tall spiked black boots can easily turn this into a fierce and feisty look, whereas tights and heels maintain a sweeter and more demure aesthetic. 

Bows & Sparkles

Talk about the dynamic duo, when I saw these I knew they were a must for my collection.  Bows and sparkles! I have actually worn these a ton since I acquired them and I have had more people stop me to tell me how adorable they are than you can imagine. Every person that has approached me has done so with a smile and that has made my day, because my shoes are little thing that have made not only me smile but they've made other smile too! 

The Intersection of Fun...Fashion...Life

My style begins where these three meet. I find fashion exciting and fun and it's one of the many things that brings great enjoyment to my life. It can be easy to admire fashion and it's many facets from a far, but to fully participate and partake in all that it has to offer one has to be willing to take risks and chances. Sometimes an outfit or an accessory may be stunning on the hanger on in a box and then you try it on only to feel your heart sink. Fashion is all about trial and error and figuring out what works for you, your body, your style, but more importantly it's about finding what make you smile! 

Today my hair makes me smile. 
I found myself running late for my hair appointment today and so I truly threw on the following outfit. It's a good baseline indicator of my personal style. My day went from good to great however, when my stylist added a little pep to my step and surprised me by trying something new with my hair. I had fully intended on leaving the salon with my usual cut and color, but instead I left with this...

A fun little up do...

Some sassy curves in the back...

Paired with a simple black fitted t-shirt and one of my new Missoni skirts...

Accessorised with a dash of Chanel, a bit of Céline, and my trusty Tory Burch's

Mission Missoni

Tuesday, September 13 has been a date marked on my calendar for months, it was on this date that Target introduced a collection designed by Missoni! At 7:45 in the morning I was outside of Target standing in line eagerly awaiting the many wonderful things I knew were inside. At 8:15 it was all over, literally. In less than ten minutes everything Missoni was gone!!! Never one to shy away from a competition, I saw this entire experience as a challenge and I did pretty well. I didn't manage to get everything I was hoping for but I am in LOVE with what I managed to get my hands on!

The one that got away...
I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this throw and I would have died to have gotten my fingers on two of these, but by the time I made it to the home section at 8:07 everything was gone! One of the things I love most about this throw are the colors, it can so easily transition between seasons and you can pull and put nearly any color from it. 

A Few of My Favorite Things...

There are a few simple things in life that bring me great pleasure and always make me smile...

Ink and Paper
The simplicity of writing in black ink on ivory paper. There is something so romantic and wonderful about the ebony of ink when it meet the pure ivory of heavy paper. I have always believed strongly in writing proper Thank You notes and I think perhaps my obsession has fueled this love.

Pink Nails
There is something about looking down at either my hands or feet and seeing bright pink nails that always makes me smile. It is such a simple thing and yet it bring me great joy. This is my favorite shade of neon pink and I was able to find it at a local beauty supply store last summer. 

Animal Prints
A little bit of leopard, cheetah or a striking zebra print can go a long way. There is something about the wild side of these prints that I absolutely love. I often pair them with black and then a pop a bright color either on my nails or an accessory. I simply find it impossible to have a bad day when with hot pink nails and little of animal love! My Louis Vuitton leopard scarf is the perfect pairing of two of my favorite things, leopard and bright pink!

The Sound of the Wind
There has always been something magical and healing about the sound and feeling of the wind, especially as it swirls through the leaves of trees or blades of grass. Regardless of where I may be or what may be going on in my life the sound of the wind somehow always manages to bring me peace. This element has always been a spiritually connected me to mother earth. There is a hike not far from where we live and the wind is nearly always present. The wind in combination with the beauty of this space hold a sacred place in my heart. 

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with the word and concept of "love." When I was much younger we had to write a research paper on a single word and of all of the words in the world I chose love. This small four letter word can be so incredibly powerful and has the potential to bring such joy and passion to life. Love is something I carry with me wherever I go, it is always with me. In fact I began this blog as a way of sharing many of the things I love in life. These are a few things that I love and that bring great joy to my life!