Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love. Love. Love.

In 7th Grade we had to select a single word to write a research report on, I chose love. It's no secret to those in my life that this word and all that it carries with it plays an integral part of my daily life. I learned through a tragedy very early on how exceedingly important it is to love those you hold close to your heart, to tell them so unabashedly and often and to never miss an opportunity to say, "I love you!"

To know love and to be able to give and demonstrate love to others is one of life's greatest riches. 

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I was truly spoiled. I spent the day with friends whom I love and my girlfriend and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at our house made by our boys. We're both incredibly lucky as the boys are exceptional in the kitchen!


I was so excited for our evening together! Our place settings were simple but festive, red place mats with red and white seersucker napkins...

The flowers were two of my favorites, white hydrangeas and delicate light pink roses, surrounded by candles...

It was a perfect evening!
A stunning reminder of the incredible amount of love in my life and how grateful I am for those whose friendships and presence enrich my life on a daily basis. 

With love, 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well Color Me Pretty!

My incredible girls night out turned into an even more fantastic sleepover and girls day together! Complete with morning coffee, movies, pouring rain & of course doing our nails together.

:: For Our Sweethearts ::

With Valentine's Day around the corner we both wanted to paint our nails pink, but we couldn't decide on a shade. After giving several colors a try we decided what could be better or more fun than painting our nails ombré.

:: Our "carpet picnic" and colors ::

I have to say our nails turned out to be quite adorable! 
I've never painted my nails like this before but I can easily see doing this again with some beautiful pale blues and shades of mint or with lighter shades of pink. More than anything I love the color combination we came up with, the time we got to spend together and that what we ultimately chose is classy and sassy all at the same time! 


:: colors, beginning on our pinkie fingers | Essie-Boom Boom Room | Essie-Forget Me Nots | Zoya-Lo | Essie-Flirty Fuchsia | Punki Pink ::

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Girls Night Out!

Friday's are fast becoming one of my favorite days of the week!
I have been royally spoiled and have had the opportunity and pleasure of enjoying some much needed girl time over the past few weeks. Last night was no exception!
It's hard for things to go wrong when they begin like this...

A bit of closet surfing, some hair & makeup & we were on our way... 

 All smiles after one awkward Uber ride & our second bottle of champs...

Love. Love. Love. 
Two of the kindest and sweetest ladies I know! 

 I am so thankful for the friendships that I have, I find myself filled with love, surrounded by incredible people and continually amazed at the beautiful life that unfolds before my eyes. 

With gratitude & love, 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give Yourself A Break!

Our lives are crazy! 
Everyone's are, but ours are well, let's just say crazy enough that a reality TV show has been put on the table. Not going to happen, btw! I enjoy my privacy far too much to pop the top on that bottle of bubbly.  And, when things are crazy sometime you need to escape even it's only for a couple of days. On Saturday night I made the decision to surprise my husband with a little break from reality in Napa. 

::  snapped while driving, no filter, just sunshine and fresh air for miles ::

So far it has been stunning and exactly what we both have needed.
 We haven't had a schedule, don't know which vineyards we were going to visit and have simply gone wherever the days have taken us. 

:: Even if we need a break from our day to day lives, one never needs a break from fashion! ::

One of our stops along the way...

:: A great reminder of how important it is to stop and just breathe ::

Today we are going to meet up with some of our closest friends and I can't wait to enjoy another incredible day. 

Never under value the power of giving yourself a break!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Day In My Life...

I've always been fascinated to see how other people live and what goes on in their day to day lives. I've shared glimpses of my life here and there, moments, outfits, accessories that I love but I thought it might be fun to share an entire day from start to finish. 

Sleepy head crawled out of bed, brushed my teeth, made the bed and got dressed for my first appointment of the day. 

My favorite Nike hoodie, Zella workout pants & a plain white tank.

Grabbed my Venti half-soy, half non-fat, triple shot latte from Starbucks and dashed to my 10:30 appointment, messy hair, yoga pants and all. 

My saving grace and glamour on the go arrived! Hair, makeup and a little work while getting my pretty on! Yes, I know it's a bit crazy but my days tend to be pretty jam packed and I end up on the phone, working, typing and hysterically laughing all while my makeup is being applied and my hair is being styled. 

It's hard not to laugh when you look like a Who from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and did I mention that my stylist continually cracks me up and entertains me. She's the absolute best!

Prepared for 2:00 meeting. 

Not too exciting, but I actually just sat at my bathroom counter with my laptop and worked before I got dressed for my meeting. 

Four hours later I'm out of my sweats and on my way to a quick business meeting.

Dashed to a birthday Celebration, no time for an outfit change!

Off to a charity gala for an exceptional organization that I am so proud to be a part of.

Did I mention it was cowboy themed!

:: My Boots ::

::  My Buckle of Love ::

:: And the incredible women from whom I learned that it is far better to give than to receive ::  

When I saw this at the gala I just had to have it! It's Champs, says "couture," looks like Louis and was for an excellent cause so of course this cutie came home with me. 

 I also got to come home to my husband! We Caught up on our days since he left before I woke up and I washed my face because as much as I love being pretty and pulled together I actually hate to have anything on my face!

Time for my beauty rest. Night night, sleep tight, don't let those bed bugs bite.

Hope you all had a great day!