Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My latest obsession is not the latest nail polish color, designer, or fashion trend it's actually my new favorite TV show, GCB. To say that I have become obsessed would be to be stating it mildly. I have to admit that I was not a fan from the get go. I Tivo'd the premier episode, watched about 15 minutes and decided it just wasn't for me. A few weeks ago a really great friend told me she was hooked and that she knew it was right up my alley. I gave it a second go and have been hoked ever since.  

 The GCB - Good Christian Bitches of Dallas, Texas are lovely Southern ladies whose lives are consumed, driven, and guided by the Bible. How these ladies and their loved ones choose to interpret the word of God is the hilarious premise of this show.  Irreverent, caddy, superficial and over the top but never without their Southern charm, the ladies of GCB attempt to justify their vindictive and shallow ways with the words of God.   

Love those Southern Belles and Beaus
Cricket Caruth-Reilly & Blake Reilly, Sharon Peacham, Amanda Vaughn, Gigi Stopper, Zach Peacham, Rip and Calene Cockburn & Heather Cruz

In keeping with all things holy, and in one of my favorite scenes to date, Carlene Cockburn drives her Bentley GT with the license plate "HOLY ONE" to a body shop for a little update. In the scene above she tells her husband shes "having some body work done and having colon trouble," as she attempts to have a Bible verse applied on the back of her car. It should read John 3:16 however it reads John : 316.
I religiously await each new episodes arrival on Sunday evening and can't help but smile and wonder if the shows creators went as far as to select the holiest day of the week for what can only be described as an incredibly hilarious and unholy show :)



  1. I almost posted about this show the other day! I love it too! I'm kinda in love with all things Texas anyways and this show is a hoot and a half!



  2. So glad you commented on this because I was like ????? by the name! :) So... now I MUST see! Thanks for the heads up! ... Kecia... so many reality TV shows around Texas and Dallas now... it KILLS me how funny it is! And going to Dallas so often, its ALL BIG down there! lol!

  3. Ahhhh I'm obsessed too!!! Such a good show! I hope it gets renewed another season!

  4. This is my new guilty-pleasure! I love this show so much! And I really like that Leslie Bibb is in it because I was such a fan of her show Popular back in the day!


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