Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grace Interrupted...

I apologize for having been missing in action, however life has thrown it's fair share of curve balls my way these past few months and I simply have not had the energy to write...

One thing that has always spoken to my soul, especially when things are challenging, is music. This is one of my favorite quotes from Mumford & Sons and I find it to be so true. Where we invest our love is truly where we invest our lives...I've certainly come to  realize who my true friends are and I have been so touched by their kindness, support and generosity. They will never know how much their love means, and I know it's cliche but it truly has been the little things...from text messages to phone calls, dinners and drinks - the smallest of gestures have meant the world. 

To those of you who follow this blog, thank you for your love, support & patience. 
I hope to be posting more regularly again! 



I love and appreciate hearing from you!