Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Color Me Skinny!

I love color!
Bold, bright, vibrant, subtle or soft - color is one of my favorite and essential elements of style.
 Last Summer I found a pair of fabulous skinny jeans at J.Crew and I bit the bullet and bought them, even though they were over $100 dollars. I wear them all of the time - all year long - and they are by far the comfiest jeans I own.  I've never second guessed my purchase and had in fact just the other day made a mental note to scoop up a few more pairs. I happened to be in J.Crew yesterday to pick up something for my sister when I stumbled upon my favorite jeans on sale! Not just any sale - a ridiculous sale. My jeans that had been $125 were now $20!!!

 :: J.Crew - Toothpick Jeans | Vivid Fuchsia & Light Citron & I ordered Neon Violet ::
*The green shorts pictured above are for my sweet boy and they were $13 - I couldn't resist

:: Color Story #1 Out & About ::

:: Light Citron Toothpick Jeans | J.Crew ::

:: leopard flats | Tory Burch ::

:: denim button down & white tank - Target |  necklace - Juicy Couture | sunnies - Jimmy Choo ::

:: Excuse the mess - a peek inside my handbag - Burberry ::

:: Color Story #2 Hello 2013! ::

:: Vivid Fuchsia Toothpick Jeans - J.Crew | shoes - Enzo Angiolini (old) ::

 :: white button down blouse - Façonable | grey cashmere sweater (old) | necklace - Juicy Couture ::

  :: all together now :) bracelet - Juicy Couture ::

out why I'm obsessed these skinnies! 
:: comfy - cute - instant & effortless pop of color - casual or dressy - great for travel - fabulous fit ::

I hope your New Year is off to a great start! 



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    1. I am fairly certain that you attempted to wear these when I wore them for your birthday last year, well two years ago now! Glad you still love them :)


      Lady Grace


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