Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Slowly, incredibly slowly, things are beginning to come together. One space that makes me smile and that I see and walk past nearly all day long is the entrance to our master suite. 

My favorite painting "The Depth of Peace" & a beautiful vintage bottle adorn the entrance and serve as daily reminders of peace, tradition & love 

I delight in the hidden symbolism of these objects and enjoy how this space combines old and new. It is a reflection of our personal style, a reminder of love and honors my childhood memories and traditions.    

Everyday as I walk past, I smile and think of Grampsie

Growing up my Gran and Grampsie always had a beautiful ceramic vase, more sculpture than vase, that sat at the end of the hall by the entrance to their bedroom. As little girls my sister and I would take turns dropping coins into the vase. We were told it was our "college fund" and so we delighted in adding to it. My Grampsie however was the primary donor as he would empty his spare pocket change daily before entering into their bedroom. The vase of my childhood remains at the end of my Gran's hallway, but since my Grampsie is no longer with us I don't think it's been contributed to in quite some time.  

From the Rocky Mountain Water Company I was drawn to the texture and design of this bottle

 My husband and I love tradition and it's important to both of us to carry on and continue those of our families but also to create new ones of our own. I love seeing this old glass bottle with coins whenever I walk by. While it may not be the stunning ceramic piece of my childhood, it's vintage flair is mine and my husband's modern day adaptation of this memorable and very special childhood tradition. I love passing by and look forward to filling and refilling this bottle many times in the years to come.  

Do you have any favorite traditions?



  1. Love to hear how things are slowly coming together in your new home. My hubby and I started a tradition actually when we first got married... throwing all of our leftover coins into a large glass jar... started 15 years ago, now we have 7 enormous jars full and still no idea what we will do with them, but we plan on continuing :)

    1. I love that you also have a similar tradition! Maybe you can go on a special trip or do something fun :)


      Lady Grace


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