Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give Yourself A Break!

Our lives are crazy! 
Everyone's are, but ours are well, let's just say crazy enough that a reality TV show has been put on the table. Not going to happen, btw! I enjoy my privacy far too much to pop the top on that bottle of bubbly.  And, when things are crazy sometime you need to escape even it's only for a couple of days. On Saturday night I made the decision to surprise my husband with a little break from reality in Napa. 

::  snapped while driving, no filter, just sunshine and fresh air for miles ::

So far it has been stunning and exactly what we both have needed.
 We haven't had a schedule, don't know which vineyards we were going to visit and have simply gone wherever the days have taken us. 

:: Even if we need a break from our day to day lives, one never needs a break from fashion! ::

One of our stops along the way...

:: A great reminder of how important it is to stop and just breathe ::

Today we are going to meet up with some of our closest friends and I can't wait to enjoy another incredible day. 

Never under value the power of giving yourself a break!


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