Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love. Love. Love.

In 7th Grade we had to select a single word to write a research report on, I chose love. It's no secret to those in my life that this word and all that it carries with it plays an integral part of my daily life. I learned through a tragedy very early on how exceedingly important it is to love those you hold close to your heart, to tell them so unabashedly and often and to never miss an opportunity to say, "I love you!"

To know love and to be able to give and demonstrate love to others is one of life's greatest riches. 

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I was truly spoiled. I spent the day with friends whom I love and my girlfriend and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at our house made by our boys. We're both incredibly lucky as the boys are exceptional in the kitchen!


I was so excited for our evening together! Our place settings were simple but festive, red place mats with red and white seersucker napkins...

The flowers were two of my favorites, white hydrangeas and delicate light pink roses, surrounded by candles...

It was a perfect evening!
A stunning reminder of the incredible amount of love in my life and how grateful I am for those whose friendships and presence enrich my life on a daily basis. 

With love, 

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