Monday, March 3, 2014

My Cozy Corner

Lately it has been raining in California and nothing makes for a better rainy day than curling up with a great book in a comfy spot. Between my bathtub, our bed and my latest cozy corner I've been relishing in the time I have been able to spend quietly reading some wonderful books.

My sister recently moved and has generously "loaned" me this beautiful vintage leather chair that she found a couple of years ago at a local consignment shop. I've always loved this chair and I have to admit that not only does it fit as if it were made for our bedroom it seamlessly blends with our dark furniture and bright white linens.

The tufted curved back of the chair and the slopped crescent shaped ottoman give this chair its charm and character. Paired with a pillow from Target and a Pottery Barn throw we've had for ages the combination of textures and the inversion of the colors on our bed make this chair come alive in its cozy little corner. 

A simple side table with a white top and artistically shaped dark base provide the finishing touches and practical working space for my new favorite nook. And, yes I am writing this post while comfortably curled in my chair. 


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