Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

There are a few simple things in life that bring me great pleasure and always make me smile...

Ink and Paper
The simplicity of writing in black ink on ivory paper. There is something so romantic and wonderful about the ebony of ink when it meet the pure ivory of heavy paper. I have always believed strongly in writing proper Thank You notes and I think perhaps my obsession has fueled this love.

Pink Nails
There is something about looking down at either my hands or feet and seeing bright pink nails that always makes me smile. It is such a simple thing and yet it bring me great joy. This is my favorite shade of neon pink and I was able to find it at a local beauty supply store last summer. 

Animal Prints
A little bit of leopard, cheetah or a striking zebra print can go a long way. There is something about the wild side of these prints that I absolutely love. I often pair them with black and then a pop a bright color either on my nails or an accessory. I simply find it impossible to have a bad day when with hot pink nails and little of animal love! My Louis Vuitton leopard scarf is the perfect pairing of two of my favorite things, leopard and bright pink!

The Sound of the Wind
There has always been something magical and healing about the sound and feeling of the wind, especially as it swirls through the leaves of trees or blades of grass. Regardless of where I may be or what may be going on in my life the sound of the wind somehow always manages to bring me peace. This element has always been a spiritually connected me to mother earth. There is a hike not far from where we live and the wind is nearly always present. The wind in combination with the beauty of this space hold a sacred place in my heart. 

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with the word and concept of "love." When I was much younger we had to write a research paper on a single word and of all of the words in the world I chose love. This small four letter word can be so incredibly powerful and has the potential to bring such joy and passion to life. Love is something I carry with me wherever I go, it is always with me. In fact I began this blog as a way of sharing many of the things I love in life. These are a few things that I love and that bring great joy to my life! 

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