Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beginning Our Traditions

Rituals and traditions enrich our lives and make them unique and special. This year will be our first year in our new home and the day after Thanksgiving my husband introduced me to a new tradition, one that I know I will cherish for many years to come. 

From this year forward, every day following Thanksgiving we will go out together and choose a special ornament for each other. My husband's only instruction was to look for something that reminded me of him as he would do the same and choose something special for me. What we chose may surprise you!

When I saw this ornament I knew that I had found the one for my sweet boy, a green tractor. There's a country song about a big green tractor that sparked his love for these objects. Ever since then, whenever I see one I think of him. This summer while in Italy we found a model of a vintage green tractor and it now sits in our living room. I knew this ornament would conjure up many wonderful memories and when my husband saw it I knew I had made the right choice! 

A Big Green Tractor for my Boy

As for what my husband saw that made him think of me...he could not have chosen a sweeter or more meaningful ornament. He chose a black London taxi cab, fashioned after the old style London cabs. You may be thinking this seems like an incredibly odd choice for me, but let me explain. My grandfather was my entire world and he passed away a little less than five years ago. Patrick and I met shortly after  and therefore they were never able to meet one another. Patrick has always known how special my Grampsie was and how much he meant to me and he has always made a concerted effort to include him and honor his presence in our lives together. 

My Grampsie brought an old London Cab over from London years ago. Our family still has it and it has long been a goal of mine to restore it and bring it back to its original glory. Having recently visited London my sweet boy explained that when he saw this it made him think of me and Grampsie. 

My London Cab

I feel truly blessed to have such an incredibly thoughtful husband and I look forward to beginning many other wonderful traditions of our very own :) 

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