Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Out in 10...

One of my best friends and I were able to connect for an impromptu dinner tonight! Only catch, I had just finished a long day and had taken a shower and thrown on some sweats. I didn't have time to spend hours getting ready so here is what I put together to get myself out the door in about 10 minutes...

I tend keep my jewelry either simple or I like to wear multiple pieces and layered them. Tonight I was in the mood to stack some of my favorites.

Michael Kors watch, tennis bracelet that was a wedding gift from my parents, David Yurman cuff bracelet, green beads, gold link bracelet with my initial from my sister.

All together


Burberry Large Tote


Black Suede Booties
(I changed the coloring so the details could be seen better, they are a deep black)

The Outfit

Black leggings, a black poncho top and a persimmon cashmere wrap
No makeup, just blow dried my hair and ran out the door!

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  1. Great choice - I love your jewelry "stacked" look! So fun! I have a Tortoise Brown Michael Kors that one of my daughters now enjoys wearing (She has my favorite Yurman bracelet too!) And I have always loved ponchos - so happy to see them back in style. Your's looks great with the cashmere scarf!


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