Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home for the Holidays II

I love the holiday season! This year holds many firsts for my husband and I. While we have been married for over a year, our first year of marriage was a whirlwind of traveling that didn't seem to end until a few weeks ago. Crazy and insane I know, but it made for a great first year! 

This year will be the first in our new home, our first Christmas tree together, our first time putting holiday lights up on our house, well you get the idea, many firsts. The day after Thanksgiving we put up our holiday lights and decorated our tree. I just love how our house feels!

Our Tree
My husband's mom brought over all of his childhood ornaments and together my husband and I went through them. He shared his special memories of each one before we put them on the tree together. 

The Stockings
I have not yet managed to get our stockings embroidered. That is on my to do list for this week. I am going to put our names on one side and our nicknames for one another on the reverse side. I think this is a really cute way to make them both traditional and uniquely special. 

The Hanukkah decorations have not gone up yet, but they will be coming shortly. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for anything really wonderful but I have yet to encounter much. I did find an absolutely beautiful candle sculpture that I plan on using for a menorah. Stay tuned for more holiday decorations!

I know I will always remember and cherish this holiday season with special fondness.

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  1. I've been reading several of your dear posts about your first holidays as newlyweds, family (especially your Grampsie) and loving each and every one of them! Your tree is beautiful and your Menorah will be also.
    This brings back so many sweet memories for me of my family traditions and the ones my husband and I started as newlyweds. The ornaments you chose for each other - so priceless! I think my favorite is putting your nicknames for each other on one side of the stockings.


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