Thursday, December 22, 2011


One of my favorite books of all time is the campy 1960's novel Valley of the Dolls. I absolutely adore it! Dolls, in case you aren't familiar, refer to the uppers and downers the ladies of this novel imbibed in. To say they popped dolls like candy would be a gross understatement. From staying slender to knocking themselves out to get a little rest, dolls always seemed the appropriate and perfect answer.

Naturally when I saw Jonathan Adler's "Dolls" pottery as part of his Vices Collection I knew it was something that had to become part of my collection. I received this gem as a Hanukkah gift and it makes me smile every time I lay eyes on it! 

 Jonathan Adler will forever be my irreverent style hero. His sense of humor and designs captivate and entertain me. The description for this item reads, "Beyond denial, stash your stuff in style."

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