Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inside My Bag - Part I

I find it interesting and love to see what other people carry in their purses. I thought I would share with you what's in mine, or at least the essentials I am never without...

My Louis Pouch
Truly meant to be a cosmetic pouch, I use this large Louis Vuitton pouch to hold my wallet, checkbook, lip gloss etc...this pouch is really the heart and soul of my purse. 

Tiffany Leather Envelopes
I originally received the large Tiffany blue envelope as party favor at a Tiffany event and for years it sat in a desk drawer. About five years ago I began using it to keep my receipts organized. It's slim profile makes it the perfect accessory. 

I also have the smaller version of this in red and black and I use these adorable envelopes to hold business cards and gift cards. Their patent leather makes them durable and their bright colors make them easy to find. 

My Wallet
I use a small Louis Vuitton sip pouch for my wallet. I found it while on a trip to Hawaii and I have been using it ever since. I don't change wallets often and I like to be able to carry car keys, my phone and my wallet in one hand, so suits my needs quite nicely. 

My Grampsie always carried his keys in this simple black leather holder. When he passed away I carried with with me everywhere until it was stolen with my purse. Of everything I lost, I was most devastated over this. My sweet husband found this one which is exactly like Grampsie's and bought it for me. Grampsie always used to keep $20 inside for emergencies and my husband always makes sure I do to...just in case. 

Aside from handbags my second largest personal collection would have to be sunglasses. I usually carry at least two pairs with me. Chanel and Oliver Peoples are among my favorites. 

I am never without it. 

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