Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Moment of Silence

I had planned a post for yesterday, however in the wake of the days tragic events it just doesn't feel right to talk about something as inconsequential as what I wore for the day. To even describe what happened as tragic seems to undercut this abhorrent act of cowardness. My heart has been with these families & will remain with them. 

President Obama spoke yesterday & poignantly mentioned the birthdays, college graduations, weddings & other events that these children will never have the opportunity to experience. With the holiday's around the corner I cannot even begin to imagine how trying it will be for these families as they attempt to navigate life without their children. To come home & see gifts for a child that has been denied the opportunity to open them must be absolutely gut wrenching. The holiday's will never again be the same for these families. 

I will continue to pray; for the children, for their families, & for our nation. The level of violence that occurs as the result of firearms is simply unacceptable & senseless. 

May God provide these families with the strength to see them through the coming days & months. May these families find comfort in the beautiful & now sacred memories of their children. May these families feel the strength, support & love of their community & country. And may God walk with them all & help them to one day know peace again in their hearts & homes. 

Please join me in sending your thoughts & prayers to these families. 

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  1. So well said. You are so right. Makes all of our other posts and "stuff" as I call it seem so unimportant and meaningless. To those who lost their babies, to the siblings of those children... to the families of the adults who will no longer have them in their lives.... to the innocence lost of the children who survived his horrific act. We pray and will continue to pray. For healing, for God to comfort you, for strength, to go thru this most unimaginable time ever.


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