Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Epic Opportunity Gone Horribly Awry

What a letdown! I guess I could have written this post earlier having previewed the new Neiman Marcus - Target Collection, however it just didn't feel quite right. Today this hybrid line launched & to  I could not be more disappointed. There are roughly 60 items from some of the most notable names in fashion, however not a single designer maintained their brand identity or created a piece that made me swoon! 
My original post was titled, "The Odd Couple" I think "Oppsy" migh be more apt

I knew the Missoni for Target collection would be exceedingly hard to top. Missoni created & delivered high quality pieces that exuded the brands essence. From dresses, to tops, skirts & shoes Missoni successfully introduced their brand to a demographic that would not generally be their typical customer. The Missoni collection for Target looked & felt like Missoni whereas this latest collection feels as though the designers were somehow convinced to lend their names to Target & Neiman Marcus but were secretly promised that they would not have to design or prouduce anything similar to their actual products & lines.  

One of my favorite Missoni for Target pieces

As a lifetime admirer & consumer of fine products I have always appreciated the exceptional quality and beautiful lines of Oscar de la Renta & Carolina Herrera. These fashion icons have & continue to captivate & create some of the most classically stunning pieces of all time. Oscar de la Renta is one of the few designers who still sketches each of his couture creations personally. Obviously, I was not expecting to see couture pieces, however I had hoped to see pieces that still embodied the essence & heart of the participating designers. 

Some of the exquisite signature detailing that is Oscar de la Renta 

Tory Burch is known for shoes & clothing, especially her trademark tunics, but she created neither of these. Instead her contribution was a cosmetics case and a thermos??? Brian Atwood has recently become one of the hottest names in women’s shoes & instead of delivering a divine pair of shoes he created a pair of leather-studded gloves??? I don't think Mr. Atwood needed to come up with a pair of stunning heels but some fun flats, an outlandish pair of slippers or even a creative pair of trainers would have been more appreciated & appropriate in my opinion. Alice + Olivia made a piece of luggage. I don't really even know where to begin with that one?!?! And then the legendary Diane von Furstenburg has given the world a designer yoga mat. WTF.

Diane von Furstenburg for Target Yoga Mat

Disappointed does not even begin to describe the letdown of this launch. What surprises me even more is that these designers lent their names to this line. I get that any press can be perceived as good PR, especially with the current state of the economy but had I been in the position of any one of these designers I do not think I could have conscionably participated nor would I have felt comfortable placing my name on any of these items. 

An exceptionally executed partnership - high quality items that represent the essence & integrity that is the luxury brand Misson

I will be very curious to see what others think of this partnership & its execution. I know this post may feel a bit on the negative side, however having been a thrilled & satiated consumer of the Missoni for Target launch I am truly shocked & disappointed as I think the original concept had incredible potential. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well!

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  1. Hello beautiful girl! I'm keeping up with your moving and glad to see you're doing good :).
    I just wrote my post too on it and I shared video. ... mine was a bit more comical :). I agree somewhat... I think when it comes to holidays, I think the whole "gift" thing can turn cheesy. Creating things for the sake of creating things. I get it. I think that happens across the board for many retailers and designers because they try to stretch themselves to have a "HOLIDAY" collection. I did share my favorites on my site that I TRULY TRULY love. I did like the Judith Leiber mirrors, but I don't think most women carry those much more. Do you? I don't. But, I still got them just BECAUSE! lol! I see your side though completely! :)

  2. Hi Irene!

    I think i just had a hard time stomaching that nearly ALL of the selected designers created products that were so far from what they are known for. Judith Leiber's trademark is beautiful clutches and she made mirrors? I think they were adorable but I would have much rather seen a special edition clutch or somthing that seemed like it might actually be included in one of her regular collections. I'm heading over to you now to check out your video! Thanks for checking in. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!


    Lady Grace

  3. I hear ya. While there were some decent things, I didn't feel there was anything worth the money. I'd rather spend on the Nate Berkus collection! And I agree...the designers should have designed items that they're actually known for!


  4. I know what you mean, hence the downside of "holiday catalogs". Personally, I think most are that way. they come up with trinkets to sell because everyone has to buy stuff. So then they create random stuff. Just for the sake of creating it. I wonder if it wwrent holidays would it have been better.

    One thing I thought of that they didn't have was some beautiful calendar on an easel. just think if Tory made one and each month would be a great pattern incorporating his logo. oh well they didn't ask me! :)

    I'd love to know what you think of my post!



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