Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quincy | A Healing Presence & Gentle Spirit

My family & I have had Saint Bernards for a little less than a decade & one of the many things I have fallen in love with is what amazing therapy dogs Saints make. When my husband & I decided we were ready for a dog we knew we wanted to rescue a Saint. A few months after we brought Quincy home he & I completed his training & certification as a therapy dog. 

 :: On our most recent therapy visit children had the opportunity to visit & read to Quincy  ::

Quincy & I work a lot with children & the experience has been incredible. One of the programs we participate in is an after school program for children who do not live with their parents, they may be in foster care or living with a guardian. My job is to simply hold Quincy's leash,  his job is to provide unconditional love & support. 

 :: Our swet boy ::

On average our visits are about an hour in length & Quincy will usually visit with somewhere between 6-8 children. I've witnessed all ranges of emotions from the kids as they spend their time with Quincy, some have barely noticed him, others have gently pet him, some like to talk to him & one sweet girl just wrapped her arms around him and wept. It was so touching to watch this little girl, who very clearly was struggling & yet Quincy seemed to provide her with such comfort and peace. It was like he knew she needed him. I am continually amazed by the positive impact our visits seem to have.

 :: Quincy loves to snuggle! ::

Our therapy program has been wonderful in so many ways. I look forward to our visits & I feel so grateful that our sweet boy is able to give back & help others simply with his presence & gentle spirit. 


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  1. So happy to hear that, not only do you rescue your big loves, you spread goodwill doggie love with them too!



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