Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Healing Power of Tradition

I began this blog, as I am sure many of you began your blogs, as a creative outlet & also as a way of documenting my life. I've never been good about keeping journals or scrap booking but blogging has allowed me to easily document & share my life with pictures, memories & experiences. I've always been careful when selecting what I posted for a variety of reasons, however never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagined that my blog would or could be used against me or my family in any way. Well, news flash it has been and to say that I feel betrayed is an understatement, to say that it has made an already exceedingly painful situation even more hurtful does not even begin to scratch the surface of the damage these actions have caused. 

What has become crystal clear is who has been there to support not only me but my family as well. For all of these people, for their love, strength, kindness, decency & respect, there are not words strong enough to describe my gratitude for the positive contributions you have made and continue to make in my life & the lives of those I love. Thank you. 

Obviously, from past posts as well as what I have just explained above my life has been a little complicated to say the least. I had hoped that things might have begun to settle down just bit, but apparently that is just not in the stars for me at the moment. I have always believed that when we are in pain, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, there is a lesson to be learned, there is insight to be gained & there is growing to be done. This latest turn of events blindsided me & while these actions were both hurtful & infuriating they have already taught me several lessons, but more importantly they have reminded me of what is most important & sacred to me. 

:: Family :: Friends :: Love :: Loyalty :: Authenticity :: 

:: The Healing Power of Tradition ::

Last year my husband & I started the tradition of going together & selecting an ornament for one another. There is only one simple rule, we each must choose an ornament that reminds us of each other.   I just read last years post & it reminded of how lucky I am to have such a truly remarkable man as my husband and best friend. This year, due to the general chaos our lives have been in, we got a bit of a late start. Our selection was a bit more limited but we still managed to come up with some pretty darn cute ornaments.  

My green Welly's!

Once again, my husband could not have selected a kinder or more thoughtful ornament. When I was a little girl by Gran & Grampsie would come back from London with Welly boots for my sister and I. I used to wear them & nothing else! In fact I used to wash the car naked but wearing my boots. Needless to say I began wearing them as an adult long before they became trendy. When my husband and I first began dating if I wore them & he saw a puddle he would stop the car & was incredibly amused by the simple joy I took in stomping through & jumping in the puddles. He even picked an adorable green pair, just like my favorite Welly's :)

"The higher the heel the closer to God" & it sparkles!!!

We are only supposed to select one ornament for each other but my sweet boy said he could simply not resist this one as well. It's an adorable high heel that is entirely sparkly. When he showed it to me it made my heart swoon :) 

 For my handy man, who can fix or build just about anything!

When I saw this one I knew it was for my boy. His tools are like my handbags & shoes & I absolutely love that about him. This little tool box says, 'There is NO such thing as too many Tools! It is perfect, & considering this is our first holiday in our new home & the moving and rearranging we've been doing  I will always look at this & think about this time in our lives. 

I love this tradition for so many reasons, but this year it really helped me to refocus on what matters, it made me count the abundant blessings I have in my life daily & it made me cherish & value my authentic friendships even more. 

Happy Holidays!

With love, 


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    1. Thank you! Your kind reply made me smile & I appreciate it very much.


      Lady Grace

  2. Hey Girl!I had a similar post on Monday after I even shut my blog down. Love you! and we should play sometime seeing that you are a CALI girl!!

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    2. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you so much for your support! I am so sorry you have had a similar experience. Please feel free to email me I would love to connect with you. I hope your situation improves.

      Much love,

      Lady Grace

  3. So sorry!!! :( One of the choices we make being here is baring all. While therapeutic for us, it can be the thing that hurts us. By others, unfortunately. My mom preaches to me so often, "don't tell the whole world everything about you. Don't post pictures of your kids. There are BAD people out there." Urgh! Do we? Don't we? It's sad that people that we know can turn on us. I'm so so so sorry for all youre going thru and I always get so happy to see something from you. Through all you have endured, know that I always see you as a woman of grace. :)
    Sending you love!!

  4. Irene,

    Your words and kindness are so touching. I've always been careful about what I have posted & to this day I do not regret a single thing, nor would I change what I have written about. I've never cared much of what people have thought about me or my life because I know I am a good person with my priorities and values in order. I am proud of the choices I make and of the person that I am. It's never easy when we realize that the "good" people we thought we knew are in fact the "bad" people. Your continued support and sweetness is such a blessing. Thank you!

    With love & gratitude,

    Lady Grace

    "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss


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