Tuesday, March 13, 2012

California ♥

The Dailies
Lady Elizabeth Grace

California, I've lived in either Northern or Southern California my entire life and can't imagine living anywhere else!

So welcome to my home...

From the beaches to the palm lined streets...

 To the mountains and the beautiful Napa Valley. 

I literally find myself smiling everyday because no matter where I am I'm surrounded by the beauty of this incredible place I'm so lucky to call home. 

*Photos from Pintrest & my personal archives


  1. I'm a California girl and this makes me yearn for home! Miss it so much!! Great pix!!

  2. Hi jamie, Thanks for the sweet comment. I'm sorry you miss home, hopefully you can come and visit soon :) If there's anything special you miss let me know maybe I could send it to you!

  3. these are such beautiful shots! is there anywhere better?!?! you must let me know next time ur at your beach house in SC! i love the lifeguard pic...im pinning it now! haha!

    xx Kelly


  4. such a sweet heartfelt post!! I have been to California only once and loved it! Interestingly I did a post recalling a little town that stole my heart when I first came to the USA!! Check it out when you get a chance!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. Hi Jyoti, Thank you for the sweet post. I love your blog as well and am now a follwer. I look forward to staying in touch! xo-Lady Grace

  5. Great post, I'm from Cali too, there's no place like California. Thanks for stopping by my facebook page, your blog is great, I'm now following you on google and facebook. Lets follow each other and keep in touch : )



  6. Hi Senetha, Thank you so much for the kind comment. I've followed you on facebook as well as your blog and I look forward to staying in touch. You can also find me on twitter @LadyLizGrace


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