Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Intorducing the Dailies...

The Dailies
Lady Elizabeth Grace

Dailies - the raw, unedited footage of a film in production collected at the end of each day to be reviewed

The Dailies - Lady Elizabeth Grace - images, quotes, people, places, objects, art...basically anything I see or encounter in my daily life that inspires me or my style

Life can get so crazy busy, but I truly love my blog and I am very grateful for those who follow it. I intend The Dailies to be a quick, easy and fun way for me to share and connect every day! I hope you enjoy :) 

It's been a long day and this looks so comfortable. I love the lamp, the mirrored side table and the neutral colors of the bedding. I believe your bedroom should be your sanctuary, truly a space to relax, recharge and restore and I could easily do that in this room! 

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  1. i LOVE everything about this photo. So beautiful & peaceful!

    XO Kelly


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