Friday, March 30, 2012

I confess...

One of the blogs I am loving is A Blonde Ambition , check it out if you haven't already! I have seen Leslie post confessional link ups before but I have never participated. My sweet friend Kelly at Messy.Dirty.Hair. gave me a kind nudge and so here I am about to write my first confession. Here goes nothing...

I confess...

I really should be finishing up laundry and cleaning right now, but instead I am sitting here writing this post and loving every second of it. 

I just ate 2/3 of the Chocolate Raspberry Champagne Truffle bar that my Mom gave me for Valentine's Day, it was incredibly yummy! I played tennis this morning and may still try to go for a hike, so I am telling myself not to feel too guilty :( 

I am completely OCD about keeping our home neat, I vacuum and mop or floors at least twice a day. I just love how our house feels when everything is clean. I'm obsessed with our Miele vacuum. 

*It's important to note we have a 145 lb Saint Bernard who contributes greatly to my incessant cleaning.

I am obsessed Bravo TV.  I love Andy Cohen, The Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, and of course my all time favorite would have to be Jeff Lewis, Jenny and Zoila! Not on Bravo but still a favorite, Joan and Melissa! 

I love celebrities and seeing how they live. I stalk TMZ, People, and Us several times a day, mostly out of boredom but sometimes I am actually curious. I love to see pictures of celebrity homes. It's always a great way to get some creative architectural ideas, however there are always those who can afford nearly anything and still manage to have an incredibly ugly home! 

Remember the Osbourne's Beverly Hills Home, check out what Christina Aguilera has done to Sharon and Ozzy's bedroom! 

I am a shopaholic and I have incredibly expensive taste! I blame my taste on my grandmother who at 8 years old was teaching me about St. John and Ferragamo. I don't seek out expensive things, they just happen to be what I like! (My poor sweet husband, thank god he loves me so much :) When insuring our house I was most concerned that we would have proper coverage for my closet! 

My favorite saying is, "It takes a village, Plastic Surgeon, Therapist and Hairstylist." Amen to all three. 

I'm not a country girl by any means but somehow my sister and I both dream of owning a large ranch in Montana. No clue how we both decided on Montana, especially since neither of us has ever even been there!


  1. I can't wait to share some of my confessions when I have my blog... some are VERY similar! Bravo EVERYTHING, especially Housewives of all (minus Atlanta), and expensive taste UNfortunately. Cheers to you friend!

  2. Thanks Irene! Don't consider your expensive taste an UNfortunate thing, I think it's better than the alternative which would be to have horrible taste! :) Hope you have a good weekend! Thanks again for the continued support!

  3. Super cute! Yes, one would need to clean that much owning a dog the size of a horse! Totally a Bravo addict as well. And too can't buy style apparently because some of these famous people's home's are ugly!


    1. Thanks Kecia! It sounds like we all LOVE Bravo. Hope you are having a great weekend!

      xo - Lady Grace

  4. great confessions! i have expensive taste too..its bad hahah! i want to see your closet and everything you have!!! so funny because im not a country girl AT ALL but i always think about having a farm filled with animals everywhere...ahhh so much fun!

    xx Kelly


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