Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pink & Sparkles!

It doesn't matter what's going on in my life, there's something about neon pink nails that always makes me smile. It's such a small detail but it it never fails to bring me happiness and joy. The last week has been exceptionally crazy and so this evening I finally had a few minutes to myself and I decided to paint my nails. 

OPI - Designer Series 012 
Sinful Colors - 920 
OPI - Bring on the Bling

I painted all of my nails pink and then painted one coat of the designer series on each of my index fingers. I then painted a coat of Bring on the Bling. This colors is fabulous because it is basically like painting glitter onto your nails but it tends to not go on very evenly. I'm really picky about the finished texture of my nail polish and so to make my sparkles smoother I added another coat of the designer series color. Not only did this smooth out the texture it also made the sparkle pop even more! 

I treat myself to pedicures regularly but I actually prefer to do my own nails. For some reason they always seem to last longer when I do them and quite honestly I think I can paint them better myself. This was my first attempt at accenting my nails with another color but I am kind of in love with the hot pink and sparkles combination :) 

*The pictures do not capture how bright this pink is. My nails are really a screaming neon but for some reason I can never get this color to photograph well :(


  1. Ok! LOVE the look of this... do you think there is an age that is TOO old for this? What's your opinion?

  2. Hi Irene, thanks for the sweet comment. I don't think there is an age limit for this trend but I might suggest choosing colors with not so much contrast. I'm in my 20's and while I love my nails like this I do feel that in a business setting they may push the limits a bit. I think you could very easily play with nudes and speakles or pinks. My advice would be to select a nail color you normal wear and then accent it with something you may not normally wear in a more subtle way. If you might like some more specific suggestions just let me know I would be happy to help!

  3. OMG looks great!!! i love it! im glad you tried it! don't you love having a party on your hand? haha! also i feel that when i paint my nails myself they last longer as well! and Irene any age, you can def rock it girl!

    xx Kelly


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