Saturday, October 1, 2011

Babylon, Part I

One floor above The Roof Gardens lies Babylon, one of the most delicious restaurants we've encountered thus far in London. 

With swanky cocktails and a gourmet menu that focuses on seasonal & fresh ingredients Babylon and The Roof Gardens could easily be the new darlings of Sunset Blvd should they ever decide to venture into the states. The description given for attire is "smart casual" which is also an apt description for this chic establishment.

The Welcome Bar
Upon entering the restaurant guests are greeted by the Welcome Bar. This small lounge area extends to a large outdoor deck that overlooks the city.

The texture, colors and pattern of this couch & the surrounding ottomans helped to bring the outdoors inside. 

These simple but very beautiful orchid arrangements graced the cocktail tables

Not your average bar tab...

Instead of having to fuss with transferring or settling up a tab at the bar, simple keep this discreet card with you and present it when you are ready for the final bill. What a great idea!

A 10yr Fizz
"What's better than strawberries and champagne? nothing. Except this, with a hint of fresh Basil and Grand Marnier. Created to celebrate Babylon's 10th Birthday!"

Raspberry Mojito
"Enjoy a fruity version of the classic muddled drink. Pampero Bianco, fresh mint, fresh lime, fresh raspberry puree and brown sugar."

The Red Edition
"Beaumet Brut champagne with the addition of beautifully floral rose vodka and a dash of cranberry juice, this is an in house favourite."

*All quotes can be found on the menu at Babylon as it was written on September 25th 2011

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