Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pretty & Simple II

Little Pieces of Me

Everything in our home has a special significance to my husband and I or is something that we love.

 Since our coffee table is also a large ottoman this mirrored tray is a beautiful way to display some books that I adore. 

The Reading List
I've always liked the saying "Keep Calm and Carry On" & while in London I discovered "Sod Calm and Get Angry." Upon discovering these these gems I simply could not pass them by. I just love the combination of naughty & nice with cheeky British humor. 

A little book with all things Louis Vuitton adds a bit of an academic approach & provenance to my Louis collection. 

My obsession with 1960's & 1970's fashion & style collide with aviation in "Stewardess Come Fly with Me!" 

A Vintage Glow

These mercury glass votives have a vintage feel & I just love how they look on the mirrored tray, especially at night when lit.

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