Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pretty & Simple III

Family Ties
Sometimes it can be challenging to incorporate pieces of significance that may not be your style. This hand painted bowl is a family heirloom from China. My husband's grandfather worked overseas for many years & his grandparents gave this to us in celebration of our wedding. 

Drawing on the colors of the outdoors & a painting in our kitchen, when set atop our bright white table this bowl fits nicely into our home. I really enjoy its beautiful details & colors, but its family ties make are what make this piece special.

Signature Treats

A saying that reminds my husband and I of one another, a gift from my mom, sits alongside a vintage Ball jar of M&M's; the signature treat of our family. 

A Comfy Place

 "Laughter: the experience of amusement or joy" = Family 

My "place of comfort" surrounded by pictures, beautiful light & wonderful memories.  

Pure Love

The quilt my mom made of my Grampsie's shirts

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