Saturday, October 1, 2011

Babylon, Part II


"The award winning food at Babylon will leave your taste buds tickled and thrilled. Our menus change regularly to ensure that only the freshest, seasonal, and sustainably sourced ingredients are used. Enjoy..."

Upon transitioning from the Welcome Bar into the restaurant guests are greeted by this wonderful arrangement. The combination of the wall paper with the mirror, crystal chandelier & flowers is fantastic & displays the simple elgance that seems to eminate from all facets of this restaurant. 

The restaurant overlooking The Roof Gardens.

The end of my first 10yr Fizz...

The color of the orchids was exquisite

Steak & Frites

Mushroom ravioli with a sage, mushroom & butter foam

Fresh broiled cod with seasonal vegetables 

We dined at Babylon for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed our meal as it was exquisitely prepared with beautiful presentations.

*All quotes can be found on the menu at Babylon as it was written on September 25th 2011

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