Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yo! Sushi

Also, on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols is a delightful sushi restaurant called Yo! Sushi. Located in the center of the fifth floor this casual restaurant is a great option for a quick bite to eat while shopping. A few of the restaurant's features are less than conventional but create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Located in the center of the table are two water spouts, one for still water & one for sparkling. Glasses are brought to your table or counter upon being seated, making literally impossible to ever be thirsty for water while dining. 

Should you however, find yourself desiring something other than water simply lift and hold the paddle located in the center of the table. 

Something new we encountered were these adorable vodka tonics in a can. I have not seen them yet in the states but I will be keeping my eyes open.


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