Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fifth Floor Bar - Harvey Nichols

A white leather tufted bar accented with swarovski crystals, bright pink & green bar stools & chairs, mirrored walls, white leather booths & emerald green velvet drapes; The Fifth Floor Bar of Harvey Nichols is a fusion of vintage 60's flare and British chic.

Adjacent to the Fifth Floor Restaurant, the bar could easily be the much younger & hipper sister of the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge.

The juxtaposition of the beautiful green velvet drapes to the predominant bright white of the bar manages to be eye catching & subtle all at the same time. 

I loved the delicate milk glass style chandeliers above the tables.

From the chandeliers to the pink velvet chaises & lime green ottomans, the space has a swanky elegance about it.

Bar stools, cozy booths, chaises and private cocktail tables tucked away into the mirrored walls,  offer a variety of seating options that allow patrons to both see & be seen.

  The crystal tufted bar neon lighting.
 I think this concept could make an incredible head board as well!

Stylistically I could not love this space anymore. It's bright colors, bit of sparkle and fun with fancy attitude are simply brilliant as the Brits would say.

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