Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jonathan Adler

What can I say, I absolutely swoon for all things Adler! 
Jonathan Adler is truly a style icon whose designs perpetually enrich any environment. His unique flair and wicked sense of humor guide and define his creative aura and are what make him truly an original. 

Jonathan Adler's Letter Pillows

The Letter Pillows are one of my all time favorite accessories. 
A vintage edge, bold use of color and irreverence are the essence of master Jonathan Adler.
Beautiful pottery for all of your vices 

His signature style is versatile, pieces are always fun and he delights in the naughty, but when he plays nice it's simply stunning. The juxtaposition and variety of his musings equate to magnificently diverse collections of intriguing objects and exquisite designs.  

Simply beautiful

The Master in his own words...

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